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Theme: Envisioning the Genomic Advances in Global Health


Zhe Sha, Harvard Medical School, USA

Its my real honor to be part of this great conference. I had a truly rewarding experience meeting with many experts in the field.

Jamal Abdel-Halim, Director, Biomarkers, USA

It was my pleasure to participate and speak in this important meeting. I wish we work together again.

Welcome Message

OMICS Group International provides a vibrant podium and opportunistic forum through these propitious events to amplify these steps and meet the highest demand ever, by reflexive and cerebrative interactions. Established in the year 2007, OMICS Group International has been progressively organizing 100 scientific conferences around the world, rendezvous which include various streams of scientific study to enhance and accelerate discovery for a better tomorrow. The number of reader views of the website has clocked 3 million and still counting.

OMICS Group, the World Class Open Access Publishing and Scientific Events Organizer invite all the participants across the globe to attend the 2nd International Conference on Genomics & Pharmacogenomics during September 08-10, 2014 at Double Tree by Hilton Hotel-Brownstone-University Raleigh, NC, USA. Genomics-2014 is a remarkable event which brings together a unique and international mix of genome researchers, geneticists, molecular biologists, health-care industrialists, leading universities and research institutions making the conference a perfect platform to share experience, foster collaboration across industry and academia, and evaluate emerging technologies across the globe. Genomics will provide excellent opportunity for presenting the highest quality basic and translational science as well as nurturing scientific collaborations through networking. International Conference on Genomics & Pharmacogenomics was held at DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Chicago-North Shore, USA with the theme "Recent Research Methodologies and Discoveries in Genomics Era". Genomics-2013 created a huge platform for scientists, professors, students and delegates to share their ideas and innovations and in turn enhance the progression of science and technology in both business and academia around the world. This year Genomics conference will focus on implications and impacts of Genomic advances on Global Health.

Organizing Committee
Krishna Dronamraju
Foundation for Genetic Research
Anton A Komar
Cleveland state university
Amelia Wall Warner
CEO and President, Gentris Corporation
Pusztai Lajos
Yale School of Medicine
Conference Highlights

Functional Genomics

Transcriptional Profiling

m-RNA Analysis

Cancer Genomics

Analysis of Non-coding RNA

Digital Gene Expression & Modern Genetics

Evolutionary and Comparitive Genomics

Genomic Technology and Methodology Development

Next Generation Sequencing Services

Pharmacogenomics Past, Present and Future

Plant & Ecological Genomics

Clinical Genomics

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To Collaborate Scientific Professionals around the World
Conference Date
September 08-10, 2014
Sponsors & Exhibitors
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OMICS Group meetings will schedule and coordinate with our Editorial Board Members and other experts in the field of Genomics across the world. Genetic science remains involved with sequencing the genomes of various organisms, however the information of full genomes has created the possibility for the field of functional genomics, mainly concerned with gene expression during various conditions. The most important tools here are microarrays and bioinformatics. The discussion tracks during the conference days of Genomics mostly focus on the recent advancements on Genomics is a branch in Biological science that utilizes recombinant DNA, DNA sequencing ways, and bioinformatics to assemble, sequence, and analyze the function and structure of genomes. Join us to share the advancements in the field of genome study includes efforts to determine the entire DNA sequence of organisms and fine-scale genetic mapping. The sphere conjointly includes studies of intra genomic phenomena like heterosis, epistasis, pleiotropy and other interactions between loci and alleles within the genome. In contrast, the analysis of the roles and functions of single genes is a primary focus of molecular biology or genetics and is a common topic of modern medical and scientific research.

Special Issues
All accepted abstracts will be published in respective OMICS Group Journals.
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